When: 2nd Tuesday of Every Month 6:30pm start time (please arrive in enough time to get your meals set up and to glace over the offerings for the night)

Where: Sonia’s Office

What: Bring five entrees (or multiples of five if you would like to bring home more) to each swap date, take five different entrees home! (Make six and keep one for yourself!)

Who: Whoever wants in – you do not need to attend every swap but you will be asked to RSVP at least two weeks in advance. If you cannot make the actual swap time, you may ask someone else in the group to be your “proxy” and bring your entrees to the swap and choose your entrees for you. If you cannot be in attendance, please notify me and I will try and get you the list of entrees for the swap night so you can tell your proxy your preferences.

1. Each entree should be a complete main dish and include all components that are freezable or non‐perishable (Toppings, Sauces, Buns/Rolls, Pasta, Potatoes or Rice). Breakfast dishes are allowed.

2. Each entree should feed 4‐5 adults. Smaller families will have leftovers, larger families will need to supplement with side dishes, bread etc. If you make an entree that is naturally smaller than this (such as a pot pie that is more like 4 servings), then consider adding an accompanying side dish or dessert that can also be frozen.

3. There are not price limits (upper or lower) because everyone has their own ideas about how to save money on cooking (by using ingredients on hand, or buying in bulk or surplus) but do try to provide a good dish you think others will enjoy and that you personally would like.

4. Please use a disposable aluminum pan if you need a pan for your dish and cover with foil. If you do not need a pan (soups, some casseroles, chicken in marinades, etc) then put it in a zipper type bag. Please use the kind intended for the freezer. Before you freeze the bag, remove as much air as possible to prevent freezer burn.

5. Label your entree with the date prepared and the recipe name ‐ include preparation instruction with the entree either on the container or attached to the container – please make sure the instructions will be legible after being in the freezer (idea: place in a zipper bag and attach to the rest of the entree with tape or a staple). Make the instructions simple to follow; include whether entree needs to be thawed prior to cooking or to cook from frozen.

6. At least three days prior to the swap, email me a brief description of your entree and the full recipe, including prep/cooking instructions and any tips you have.

Swap Day:
1. Bring your entree in totes or coolers so you have something to also carry everything home in.

2. When you arrive you will be given a list of all the entrees in the swap for the night with their descriptions, you will also choose a number.

3. Tables will be set up ‐ please place your entrees on the table and tape the Recipe Name to the front of the table.

4. At 6:30pm we will start taking turns choosing entrees in order of the number you chose when you arrived ‐ first forward, then backward (for instance, if there are eight people participating that evening and you had number eight you would choose last in the first round but first in the second round).

5. Pack up all the goodies you chose and head on out ‐ Enjoy the freezer full!

After the Swap:
All recipes will be posted on the blog with the date of the swap (even the ones you didn’t get).

You are encouraged to share feedback (and photos!) about the meals you are eating/preparing. Rate the recipes on the website! Let everyone know if something works/doesn’t work. Portions too big, too small? Cooking time variations? For some people this is their first experience with a meal swap, learning what does and doesn’t work well is the key to success! (All comments can be made anonymously)


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